Oman is a country in the Arabian Peninsula with the capital Muscat. The official language of this country is Arabic and the second language is English. The income of this country, like other countries along the Persian Gulf, is through oil, besides which, agriculture and fishing are also sources of money for Oman. Most of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis country is dry and desert, and the communication routes are through important ports. This country is a good importer in various fields.

The best ways to stay in Oman are staying through education, company registration and work, as well as marriage.


Business in Oman

Oman is a profitable country in terms of exports. The political and economic stability of this country attracts every exporter. Oman is a safe region for investment and export due to having good trade relations with other countries. Inflation in this country is less than 3% and there are balanced and stable prices in this country. Considering the geographical location and peace between this country and Iran and the proximity of this country to us, it is another important option for export.

If you intend to register a company in the free zones of Oman, you can use this special investment opportunity and own 100% of the company's shares. Contact our experts for more advice and required documents.


Considering the advancement of technology in this country, especially in Muscat, starting a startup business is a good option.

Startups in the field of smart transportation, food stores, taxi services, all kinds of mobile applications, food delivery and delivery, etc. have many requests.

But if you launch your startup in Iran and choose Oman to expand your business, Oman Trade can accompany and guide you in this way.

Also for jobs such as types of Iranian handicrafts such as; Iranian hand-woven carpets, etc., which are always popular in Persian Gulf countries, have a place in Oman.

Oman Trade supports other businesses such as production of pistachios, almonds, saffron, sturgeon, etc., which are exploited in Iran. By transferring your products to Oman, having a booth and presenting your products will attract potential customers or investors. With this, you can export your products directly from your land and garden to Arab countries in the near future and earn dollars, dirhams, and Omani rials.

Other products that Oman imports from Iran include items such as; Metals and iron and steel products, ceramics, industrial machinery, plastic, rubber, food products, dairy products, all kinds of vegetables, spices, meat, dry fruits and hunting birds and pets and special animals.

If you are one of these businesses, don't miss this golden opportunity and take the first step to export your products.

For this, it is enough to contact Oman Trade through the communication channels or the form below so that our colleagues will be with you in this matter.