Trading and marketing company


Oman Trade Company has several years of experience in marketing and selling Iranian products in Oman and UAE.

This company was established with the aim of providing quality services and improving business relations between Iran, Oman and the UAE.

Oman Trade Company provides the best services to its customers by having an experienced and expert team in the field of marketing, sales and distribution of products.

This company operates in the field of export of agricultural, food, industrial, construction products and development of startups, etc.
With the aim of developing trade between Iran, Oman and the UAE, this company offers its customers the best marketing, sales and distribution solutions based on its experience and technical knowledge.

Oman Trade, having a network of stores in Oman and UAE, supplies Iranian products to the market in wholesale and retail.

Also, Oman Trade Company, in cooperation with reliable companies in Iran, offers quality and standard products to its customers.

Our goal is CONNECT and EXPAND